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Port Agency Services at ITS are a natural outgrowth of our Ground Handling operations. Port Agency Services are provided only for cruise lines, and their objective is not to be an independent profit center but, rather, to add value to our core Ground Handling business by making port-calls smoother and more efficient. Cruise lines and cruise liners have special needs which port agents accustomed to working with regular commercial vessels simply cannot appreciate.

Basically, what it all comes down to is ensuring seamless cooperation and coordination between Port Agency and Ground Handling. ITS brought Port Agency in-house in order to guarantee that there would be the full communication and absolute responsiveness in Port Agency Services necessary to guarantee the Ground Handling operation would operate under optimal conditions. After all, the right hand has to know what the left is doing.

Does the unexpected never happen? Of course not, but when it does, ITS is able to respond as quickly as possible, which means that, likely as not, passengers are never even aware that there might have been a problem. And, when passengers themselves have problems, like a delayed or missed flight, it means we can fly them to the next port-of-call just in time to meet their cruise, minimizing the impact of a delayed or missed flight on their holiday.

For you, the cruise-line operator, what all of this means is that your life is easier. You deal with the same team of professionals for Port Agency and Ground Handling. You have the confidence of knowing you are working with experts who have over 20 years experience serving the cruise industry. Of course, what really makes your life the easiest is satisfied passengers, and satisfying passengers is exactly the reason why we have built an integrated operations that provides specialist Port Agency Services and Ground Handling.


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