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Overland Tour from Antalya to Alanya Day Tour

You will depart early in the morning and start the overland program for discover the most important points of Mediterranean.

First of all you will visit Antalya city center. Antalya located in an area called Pamphylia, was founded by Attalus II, King of Pergamum, as a port city in the 2C BC. Tourism has made Antalya one of the largest beautiful spots.

First visit will be to the Antalya Archeological Museum, which is one of the best in the country. This modern, spacious museum has a fine collection of finds from Antalya itself and the cities of Pamphylia and Lycia.

After a visit to the Antalya Archeological Museum, you will continue to Perge Antique City. Perge Antique Site, which is the best example of the complete Roman City in the Pamphylian plain. It developed from a Hellenistic hilltop settlement to a proper Roman city. Perge is also one of the cities that St. Paul visited with Barnabas and his cousin John Mark.

Perge, like Ephesus, is a typical of its region in the years of the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. It was a prosperous city then : A system of large public fountains, and the canal through the center of town helped lower the summer heat. There is a large theater, an equally large stadium, and a handsome double set of city gates.

After these visits drive to one of the best resort hotels in the area for open buffet lunch.

After the lunch you will visit one of the most beautiful antique theaters of the world which is Aspendos Antique Theater. It is one of the largest ancient buildings in Anatolia and may well be accepted as the best preserved theater of antiquity. It was built by a local architect Xenon during the reign of Marcus Aurelius (2C AD). According to an inscription, it was a gift from the two brothers, Curtius Crispinus and Curtis Auspicatus, who dedicated this monument to the gods of the country and to the Imperial House. The theater’s capacity is estimated to have been 20.000 people.

Then the guests will visit Aspendos Antique City. Aspendos was a major port city in the Roman period with the navigable river of Koprucay. You will also see the aqueduct on the way and you may stop there for taking soe photos.

After Aspendos the last stop will be at Side. Side is located on a peninsula penetrating into the Mediterranean. It was one of the important civilizations and has become one of the Turkey’s major holiday centers.
Side was founded by Aeolians of the Aegean region. The history of the town extends back to the 7C BC. ‘Side’ meant ‘pomegranate’ in the local language. Until the Roman Imperial period, pomegranate was the symbol used on the coins of Side. Here you will see the remains of well preserved city walls, Byzantine Basilica and Agora. The best point of Side will be Theater with remains of a monumental gate and a fountain at the entrance. The fountain has been restored. The present remains of the theater date from the 2C AD. The theater has a seating capacity of 15.000 people and was used in the late Roman period for gladiator fights as well. The theater was used as an open-air church in the 5-6C AD.

At the end of the program arrival at Alanya. After having some free time in town of Alanya, continue to the port in order to board the ship.

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